My week of flats

Last week I was away from my normal outfit routine to take a continuing education class for work.  It was an exhausting six days of classes with lots of homework.  Think about finals week, but as a 30-year-old. While it felt like I was back in college, I didn't necessarily want to dress like a college student.  I'm not proud of the fashion choices I made at that point in my life.

I had to account for some major shifts in my outfit routine.  For one, I didn't have my drawer full of heels to swap out when I got there, and I didn't feel comfortable carrying and changing shoes. I fully committed to flats for the week. Each outfit started with the shoes.  I pleasantly surprised myself with some new power outfits and how great and comfortable I felt.  You'll be seeing flats mixed into my outfit rotation more often than just #FridayFlats!

  • Monday:  I went into the week playing it safe.  I had no idea what to expect.  I wanted to have a good first impression but nothing crazy.  


  • Tuesday:  After getting a feel for the class atmosphere, and also chomping at the bit to wear this outfit, I put together one of my favorite color combos of fall:  burnt orange and heather grey. 



  • Thursday:  At this point in the week the exhaustion was setting in and I needed something comfy yet chic.  This bomber can do no wrong.  
  • Friday:  TGIF!  The theme was fun flats paired with dark neutrals.
    • Flats:  Sam Edelman Women's Felicia Ballet Flat $44.76 - $149.00.  This shoe is the perfect trifecta:  It comes in any color you could possibly want, it's adorable and it's comfortable.  I own it in two colors and would purchase a third if I could make up my mind with the over-abundance of options!


  • Saturday:  Is not pictured.  However, if you're going to force me to sit in a classroom on a Saturday morning, then you're crazy if you think I'm not wearing sneakers.  

Another wonderful side effect of my class was a new part of the city to explore and snap photos! Between the unusually warm weather and the beautiful sights in the Flatiron and Union Square areas, my week of flats was so much fun and a welcome change from the heels norm.  

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