An outfit tour of London (Part Four)

My sister and I took a much needed travel/planning/rest day after galavanting all over Paris.  We left on an early train to London, traveling through beautiful countryside.  We then made our way to our new home for the next few days to unpack, come up with a game plan and NOT be on our feet.

Outfit 6, Day 4

It's a littler chillier in London compared to Paris, so I paired a long cardigan with my high-waisted shorts and striped tee.  I went full black and white down to my shoes, with a pop of bright red on my lips.  I always pack a striped tee because there's always a striped occasion to be prepared for.  My stripes obsession runs deep.  


We got lucky again with the cutest AirBnB ever! Unlike Paris, we opted for something outside the city.  We stayed in a small town outside of London surrounded by lush gardens and adorable English houses.  The Thames River ran next to the town and made for some great exploration walks.  


Outfit 7, Day 5

After our day of recuperation, we set out on an aggressive sight-seeing agenda of London.  Sticking with my theme of light weight, comfy and walkable, I went with my black jumpsuit and Birkenstock sandals.  Alone, I was feeling quite plain, so I amped it up with a statement necklace in gold and coral.  Jackets count as part of the outfit too!  My jean jacket was a great complement to my outfit and necessary for the chillier temperatures.

Big Ben & London Eye

First on the list were the most well-known clock in the world and the best vantage point of the city.  An interesting bit of information we learned was that clock is located in Queen Elizabeth Tower and the bell which chimes the time is actually Big Ben. Up close there are so many intricate details on Ben.  As we were taking pictures we heard the bell toll.  London is astonishing from the sky and the London Eye is the place to see the whole picture.  There so much to look at and not enough time to take it all in.  I especially loved seeing all of the bridges from above.

FullSizeRender 196.jpg

Waterloo Graffiti Tunnel

This was not one of our intended stops.  We happened to stumble upon it by luck while new artwork was being created!  There was so much artwork to see and explore, we could've stayed for hours.  Instead, we settled for a silly photoshoot in front of our favorite pieces before moving on.

Tate Modern

Just incredible.  The artwork here was so vast and diverse.  We didn't get to cover the entire gallery, but especially enjoyed the pieces we got to interact with.  I'm always in awe in how creative people are in pushing the limits and sharing it with others.

The Globe

I'm so glad we got tickets at the last minute!  We saw Tristan and Isolde and it was absolutely increible.  The acting was so great, we were laughing in our seats (it was a comedic version).   The first Pim's cup of the trip was also had at the theater. 

King's Cross

A no-brainer stop for any Harry Potter fan!  Not only did we wait in line for pictures, we discussed which house we belonged to and both agreed on Gryffindor.  After the photos were taken, we also perused the Harry Potter shop and spent more money than we'd like to admit on souvenirs.

We covered a lot of ground on our first full day in London.  Stay tuned for more of London, especially if you're a Harry Potter fan!

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