How to Dress as a Bridal Shower Guest

Raise your hand if you've been invited to a wedding this summer! I have! If you're anything like me, I've been planning my look for the big day (yes, as a wedding guest) for quite some time.  However, before we get to the wedding, let's focus on some style options for the shower, especially since spring finally decided to show up. With spring comes lighter fabrics, bare legs and a more vibrant color palette.  Follow these tips and shoppable options all the way to the shower!

Stay Away from White

Even though it's not the wedding, the bride gets first dibs on white through the engagement party, shower, bachelorette and so on.  This is all about her, so keep your LWD in the closet this time.  Even if you have something ivory, in the white family, or has you questioning if t's too close to white even a little bit, I wouldn't chance it for this event. It's spring! Take advantage of this time of year with pastels or brights.  Try out the Pantone of the year:  Ultra Violet.  I'm on the hunt for the perfect lavender piece myself. 


Below are a couple of my other favorite hues of the season. Click each to shop.

Florals Say Spring

Every spring I look forward to the tulips all over the city in the most beautiful shades of pinks, yellows and reds.  Nature isn't the only place where florals are thriving this spring!  Floral patterns become dominant as the temperature rises.  If you're looking for a fun pattern for your shower look, floral is always a great option. The beauty with florals is the vast options in colors and prints. 


Below are a few of my favorites, each shoppable with a click.  They are all perfect pairs with a crisp blazer or on their own with an amazing pair of heels.

Fabric Makes All the Difference

I can't tell you how many times I've been shopping and ask myself, "Is this dressy enough? Too dressy?" While there are a lot of factors to this, fabric is a big one for me.  I automatically categorize anything in a knit or jersey as casual and not appropriate for a shower.  On the other end of the spectrum, I'd avoid satin or sequins.  Showers are typically during the day where these fabrics are too fancy.  Save the shine and sparkle for the wedding.  My floral dress is chiffon, and the magenta dress is a crepe material. Both hitting that just dressy enough point.

My Two Cents on Length

Any dress length can be shower-appropriate with the right combination of fabric and style.  Personally for my 5'2" frame (super shorty) and thirty-something age, I prefer something to the knee or midi length.  The perfect length to show off a pair of killer shoes!

When you find a outfit that makes you feel wonderful, focus on what's really important: showering the bride-to-be with lots of love!

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