Evolving My Style with Skirt Length

As the weather warms up, I’m excited to pull my favorite dresses out of hibernation and start creating new, springy looks. One dress in particular is perfect for these early spring days. The maroon color isn’t too bright and the florals not too aggressive. The long sleeves help for chilly morning and crazy temperature swings that are normal this time of year in New York. I created an outfit around this dress with a pair of statement white striped socks and white mules. In theory, I was loving this pairing and was so pumped to wear this outfit. In reality, it didn’t give me all the good vibes that I expected it to. My issue is with the dress length. It hits me right below the knee and my socks start just above my ankle bone, basically highlighting the bulkiest part of my leg.

Here’s the truth: I’m self-conscience about my calves. I feel that compared to the size of my body they are on the larger side. It especially bothers me when I wear dresses or skirts with bare legs and they are on full display.

My beloved maroon floral dress made me realize this just-below-the-knee length just doesn’t work for my body type. Fresh off the Marie Kondo Netflix show and jumping into a spring deep and closet swap, I decided this dress doesn’t actually bring me joy when I wear it. This and other dresses and skirts that hit just below the knee and accentuate my insecurities will be donated to a good home for someone else to love. Worth noting, hemming a dress above the knee is definitely an option but the shorter length doesn’t feel right for this dress. Oh how I wish it was a true midi length.

Style evolution is all about finding the pieces that flatter each person’s unique shape, size and personality. At this point in my style journey, I’m learning to avoid the just-below-the-knee length and instead opt for above the knee or my favorite midi length, especially for this time of year. No two women’s styles or bodies are the same. While this works for me, it may not work for you. Keep on experimenting with new pieces and styles to find the things that give you good vibes and leverage those that do to power outfit status!

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