Winter essential: black tights

I have a love-hate relationship with tights, but overtime I’m leaning more towards loving them as they are the only reason why I’m able to wear my skirts and dresses in the chilly, winter months.  Let’s start with the hate to get it out of the way.  

Getting a runner is the worst and unavoidable in real life.  When is happens I feel self-conscious about it for the rest of the day and proceed to twist into all sorts of contortions in an attempt to hide my runner from everyone.  

On the positive side, without them it would be a long season of nothing but pants.  Paired with a long coat and high boots should get you through the coldest days.  I’ve attempted colors other than black, but they frankly make me feel childish.  I can’t bring myself to wear nude nylons.  They make my legs look like a color they aren’t and provide little protection to the elements and temperature.  

Over the years I’ve tried out many pairs of black tights.  My most recent favorite are the Express Opaque Full Tights.  They are super soft with the right amount of stretch and provide additional support in the tummy region.  The waist holds everything in without causing any lines or bunches.  

I try to purchase items that will work well through all seasons, so they can be worn with tights but also bare legs.  I tend to stay away from thin, clingy fabrics and also colors that don’t pair well like navy.  However, you can always pair a navy skirt with a black top and tights to create a great look.  Accessories can also help make any look work with black tights.  

These are a couple of items in my closet that I have not paired with black tights.  They are all in the same color family and have warmer weather vibes.  

Try out a couple brands of black tights to find a pair that work for you.  When you find a brand that feels good and you love, buy them two at a time just in case of the dreaded runner.  Rather than just adding black tights to a warm weather outfit, make your black tights a part of your outfit to come up with new, fun winter pairings.

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