Respect the LBD

It's my opinion that we've coined one term to stand for an incredibly diverse and brilliant item of clothing. The Little Black Dress or LBD is determined by two obvious features:  1) it's black and 2) it's a dress.  Outside of those two facts, so many additional factors contribute to each LBD.  These additional factors are where each LBD becomes incredibly unique.  

Before we get there, a couple reasons why I love a good LBD and believe you can never have too many:

  1. They provide the perfect canvas to show off a fun, colorful, dramatic, signature pair of shoes
  2. Black never goes out of style
  3. It is appropriate to wear all year round.
  4. An LBD takes your from day to night flawlessly.

Never judge an LBD by just it's black color.  I'm going to prove my point with two completely different LBD looks.  I love them both for very different reasons.

LBD #1:  Classic, flattering, a closet mainstay 

I've been wearing this dress consistently through the summer months for a couple years now.  The length is perfect and the belted waist creates a flattering shape.  The sheer overlay creates just a tiny bit of drama to make this dress anything but boring.  When you're unsure how to dress for a summer event, this is always a safe option, especially for day-to-night.

FullSizeRender 209.jpg


LBD #2: Fun cutouts, slightly scandalous in the best way

This dress is fun.  Take a very common A-line short-sleeved dress and create some drama with some perfectly placed cutouts.  Do note that I choose to wear a black bandeau bar underneath to ensure absolutely no scandal in the office.  Many wouldn't find this added layer necessary.  

IMG_6901 2.JPG

The next time you're shopping for something fabulous, don't walk past the LBDs.  An amazing and unique LBD will deliver over and over--a girl can never have too many!

I chose a few of my favorite LBDs that are available now.  Check out this diversity!  We have casual, fancy, different lengths and styles.  A completely different look for each day of the week. Click each to shop.

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