An outfit tour of London (Part Five)

If you're following along, you're doing great!  We are nearly at the end, but I saved lots of fun and one of my favorite outfits for last.  Keep reading for more magic (literally) from London.  

Outfit 8, Day 6

I've been excited to wear this Target Who What Wear dress the whole trip!  It was thrown in my suitcase as an afterthought because it went well with my pink converse.  I got so many compliments on it.  The bright colors and floral pattern gives me happy feels.  It's the cinched waist and pink Converse pairing that really had me loving what I was wearing.   

London Muggle Tour

As a huge Harry Potter fan, this was definitely one of the highlights of the trip for me.  Our fun and delightfully eccentric tour guide showed us where specific scenes of the movies were shot and the places where J.K. Rowling pulled inspiration while writing the books.   I learned a lot of behind the scenes information I never knew and quite enjoyed.  My favorite locations were the pair of streets that are said to be the inspiration for Diagon Alley (Cecil Court) and Knockturn Alley (Goodwin's Court).  Both have an aura of magic about them, one quirky with specialty shops and the other a bit darker with gas lamps.  


St. James Park

By far, this was the most beautiful park on our journeys.  It was super lush with trees and bright -colored flowers.  Birds of all kinds hung out with us on the shores enjoying the sunshine.  I loved that you could see the London Eye from the park--where we were the day before!

FullSizeRender 202.jpg

Buckingham Palace

We couldn't go to London without visiting the Queen! We missed the changing of the guard, but enjoyed playing the part of the guards for a few minutes.  This place is absolutely massive. Unfortunately, there was no sighting of Prince William, Kate or any of the royal family.  


We have come to the end of the European outfit tour.  If I learned anything about my outfit choices in Europe, it's that I'm really loving the sneaker trend, especially my pink Converse.  Sneakers are usually reserved for casual Fridays and weekends, but this trip has inspired me to be an equal sneaker wearer.  

My sister and I headed back over the pond filled up with lots of fond memories, inside jokes we still giggle about and suitcases full of souvenirs and new clothing (I bought this gorgeous Ted Baker skirt in Heathrow Airport).  I loved sharing every location we visited and outfit I wore with you.  I hope you too enjoyed the adventure. 

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